Virtual Reality
A glocalised VR demonstration experience
Bayer had the global launch of a new contrast media injector, an extremely expensive piece of specialised kit to carry around exhibitions all over the world. They were concerned about the difficulty of transporting and installing the machines at events around the world.
WE created a VR experience that allows clients to participate in a demonstration of the injector. This allowed the same experience to be delivered globally, especially in those countries that didn’t have access to a demonstration model.
Bayer premiered the first incarnation of Centargo VR at the UKIO 2019 Exhibition in Liverpool and has since been rolled developed further to help train prospective users.

“The reaction has been phenomenal, not just in the UK, but further afield. It’s rare that a “selling aid” is met with universal praise. Most importantly, Centargo VR has changed the way we interact with our customers. Interactions with customers are longer. 15-30 minute meetings are now lasting 1-2 hours."