Events provide a great opportunity to get your name out there and make a good first impression on prospective buyers. Whether you’re launching a new product, organising a PR stunt or an experiential activation, your event staff can make or break the outcome of your entire event. They’re one of the most important elements of your event and will become the ambassadors of your brand.

You can organise a perfect event in a perfect venue, only to see your event staff either lounging in the corner on their phones or looking bored. This is why every person you hire for your event is important – They’re the ones to initiate relationships with your audience, from the person welcoming your visitors to those serving drinks.

Here are 3 essential skills to look for when choosing your event staff:

  1. Good communicator

 Your staff need to be able to convince your visitors to stay and learn about your company. They need to be confident, without coming across as arrogant or too pushy. The first few seconds of any interaction are crucial in the decision process as to what visitors think of your event or exhibition stand. It’s important that your staff are friendly, welcoming and always ready to help. Failing to communicate your vision and effectively represent your company may leave a negative impression on your visitors and may lose you leads and potential deals.

Quick tip: Remember to always hire on attitude over looks. A  lot of companies want their staff to look good, but staff that are hired purely to look pretty are less likely to help you achieve your event goals.

  1. Quick learner

Your staff need to have an in-depth knowledge of both your brand and the people who form your target audience. When they’re approached by a visitor, they not only need to be able to provide more information about the event and its activities, but also be able to explain how your product or service works, how it would be instrumental to solving their problems and answer any questions they may have about your brand.

  1. Full of energy

Events can be long and tiring. Being stood on your feet all day whilst showing interest and maintaining an enthusiastic attitude can be difficult. Your staff need to be welcoming and witty all day if you are to have a successful event. Choose people that are energetic with a can-do attitude. One bad interaction can lead to a damaged reputation, so being able to maintain your stamina is an essential skill. You can also help your staff in archiving this by keeping them motivated and providing a fun environment. Reward your team for good performance and give your staff some time off to explore your event. This will make them feel valued and will encourage them to work even harder.

For you as the organiser or event manager, it’s pretty obvious how important the event is and how it will impact your business, but for some of your staff, it might just be another long event. Your staff will be much more motivated knowing the importance of the show. Make sure you brief them thoroughly and give them a list of all the key things they need to know about your event before it opens.